SUMMER 2019 is Coming!!
And this summer our program has GROWN!!

Symphony A. - Sithi Rukaiyaa A. - Imani B.
Kayleen C. - Jemie C. (scholarship winner) 
Jordynn E. - Michelle F. - Cedris F.
Caitlin G. - Alisha G. - Wafa H. - Ocean H. 
Sabrina J. - Rosanna J.  - Savannah M.
Eileen O. - Anell O. - Taemi P-G. - Alyssa P.
Taren R. - Cheyenne R. - Evelyn R.
Natalia V. - Jaylah W. - Ashley Z. (scholarship winner)

Naomi D. - Taylor-Paige G. - Kaitlyn G. - Akeilya J. - Enna U.
Iyona L. - Anais L. (scholarship winner) - Courleon M.
ToniAnn Q. - Ammy S. (scholarship winner) - Taelaijah S.
 Lyndsey T. - Kevin H. (scholarship winner) 

AaaaaaND We have 4 Seniors from 
joining in our travels!!
Silas L. - Avery L.
Jocelyn M. - Sebastian U.

We are so thankful for the hard work of all parties involved.
FUA for continuing to be an awesome host school, Ms. Sostre-King
and Ms. Damian for their constant promoting of the program
and accompanying our students overseas and
to our Principal Daryl Blank for allowing the program to continue!


Isabela & Gabrielle, Yesmi & Zuri and Vanessa
are the FIVE
Students HEADED TO ROME this June!!
Congratulations Guys!!


Congratulations to Our Juniors and Senior
that will be travelling to Florence, Italy this SUMMER

FOUR WEEK PROGRAM - 9 College Credits
Yesmi Melendez - Senior - Scholarship Winner
Zuri Melendez - Junior
Vanessa Keren Gelito - Junior
Gabrielle DeLeon - Junior
Isabela Biramontes - Junior

THREE WEEK PROGRAM - 6 College Credits
Ruby Bryan - Junior

Silvia DeBenedictis - Junior
Aiyanna Watson - Junior - Scholarship Winner
Remy Skrzypek - Junior
Ayah Nedrick - Junior - Scholarship Winner
Taina Garcia - Junior
Natalie Veloz - Junior
Nysia Brown - Junior
Danielle Garofalo - Junior
Abagail Rodriguez - Junior - Scholarship Winner
Natali Palaquachi - Junior - Scholarship Winner
Melanie Canela - Junior

is anxiously awaiting your arrival!!


Fill out the Invitation Form Below
Let other NYC Public High School SENIORS now all about it
** Please see Ms. Chavez if inviting NON-HSFI students***



This past Thursday, FUA was in our building promoting our 
Summer Study Abroad program for 2017. 

 We had special guests this time around from Harry S. Truman High School in the Bronx.
Their spectacular Culinary Program offers high school students the opportunity
to learn all about the Passion of the Kitchen.
FUA's Chef Simone demonstrated the art of pastry decorating.

All students joined in the activity and walked away with a beautifully decorated sugar cookie.

Culinary Arts isnt the only program offered this coming summer by FUA. 
Other exciting curriculums are within the program, making study abroad, yet another opportunity for our students to SOARR!!

To be added to the Study Abroad mailing list, please email
Ms. Chavez -

We are excited to announce that Harry S. Truman High School students
has been awarded a FULL SCHOLARSHIP
 along with Fashion High's Students 2 Scholarships



From left to right - Dawelys, Ryanne, Maya, Victoria, Kyara and Norma
6 of the 11 Young Ladies that will be traveling to Florence in less than 10 DAYS!!!

As of now the young ladies that will be 
travelling to Florence, Italy are:
Dawelys Almonte - Full Scholarship Winner
Mercedez Tiburcio - Partial Scholarship Winner
Norma Betancourt - Partial Scholarship Runner Up
Kyara Moran Ryanne ReynosoVictoria Alvarez
Tyler Roarty, Samantha Duer,
Natalie Candelario Herrera and Maya Scott

CONGRATULATIONS Scholarship Winners and 
Thank you to the parents of the other HSFI students
for affording this amazing opportunity to their daughters.
We know and appreciate the great sacrifice it can be yet the rewards 
are immense and invaluable.
FIRENZE here we come!!

I'm super excited to share information regarding next summers Study Abroad with Florence University of the Arts.
Ms. Sostre and I had the amazing pleasure of chaperoning 5 amazing young girls from our school to Florence, Italy this past July and I want to spread the word about it happening again next summer.
Florence University of the Arts will be here Thursday, October 29th after school in the Principals Office to present the Pre-College program they offer. I ask you to please announce to your students about this amazing opportunity. 
Our study abroad program has a page where they can see the catalog.

by Ms. Chavez

I have been blessed in my life. Even if I don’t have a lot, I have experienced a lot.
I have always said that there is a reason and a purpose for every thing you do and everyone you meet in your life.
When I had the opportunity to study abroad in college, I didn’t look at it as ‘I can’t because I don’t have money’, instead I thought of it as ‘This will get done, it’s just figuring out HOW’. That was the kind of thinking I was taught to have. To always think of the ways it can get done instead of the reasons why it WILL NOT happen.
Along on the ride was my friend Dionne, who was studying with me at FIT and actually graduated from Fashion High the same year as I. She wasn’t sure about going, and I thought her crazy to pass up an opportunity such as that one. I told her ‘Di, you will become a more coveted candidate when you apply for a job!’ When an employer of a company sits with you for an interview, the fact that you studied abroad makes a grand statement about you:
  • Your willingness to be open to other cultures teaches adaptability and assimilation
  • Your ability to travel independently makes a statement towards your level of maturity and responsibility
  • The knowledge you can acquire about another country and its people can serve you and your potential employer
  • And so much more that I want you to Discover on your OWN
Dionne came with me and this is her 10th year at Victoria Secret!
My journey led me to meet so many interesting people, some that I still to this day have in my life. One of them is Gaia. She is a free-spirit, strong, unrelenting and very assertive young woman that I immediately befriended and after 5 short years in Florence still kept in contact with.
Now Gaia happens to have as an aunt, a very amazing lady named Gabriella. As strong, as free-spirited and as unrelenting about education. This is where I immediately loved her.
It turns out that Gabriella founded this amazing school in Florence – Florence University of the Arts  and they have been to our school, the High School of Fashion Industries. The first year they hosted a leather workshop for our students and staff and introduced one of the many beautiful things Florence is known for – Leather. Students were able to make beautifully simple iPad cases out of soft nappa leather. And the year after our students had the chance to enjoy one of the other amazing things Florence is known for – their Food! Students had an amazing time and I really hope that some of them really make Studying Abroad a Reality and not just a Dream..
Taking on the brilliant opportunity to study anywhere else in the world (New York City is also a very coveted location to study in, therefore consider yourselves very lucky) is a chance to brighten your future with a great career, great learning experiences and great friends. Thank you to my Stars Above for friends like Dionne, Gaia and now Gabriella..
For Gallery view of this post CLICK HERE

This past summer Ms. Chavez and Ms. Sostre had the amazing opportunity to chaperon four young ladies in Florence, Italy 

Evelyn, Matylda, Giselle, Diana and Zo (not shown)

Florence University of the Arts will be presenting their programs in the PRINCIPALS CONFERENCE Rm 821

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29th from 4-6 p.m.



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