Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Fashionable Times Blog Principal's Message 10.30.16

Greetings Fashion Families from your Principal Daryl Blank.  On Tuesday, students will be receiving their first marking period report card.  You and your child need to understand that student grades are cumulative, meaning that all grades count during a given term.  Grades do not start over with the second marking period and there are not separate grades for each marking period.  Second marking period grades are a combination of the first and second marking periods.  Third marking period grades and the grades that go on a student’s transcript and seen by colleges are a combination of the first, second and third marking periods. 

Attached to the email and posted on the school website is a copy of HSFI’s Grading Policy.  All teacher grading policies should align to the school-wide policy.
Make sure you and your child are checking Jupiter Grades to know where they stand in their classes.  Students should be getting in the habit of checking their HSFI email every day.

We maintain a weekly blog for HSFI Parents - the link is:

The school website has a section specifically for HSFI Parents – the link is:

Thank you!

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