Sunday, January 12, 2020

The Fashionable Times Blog Principal's Message 1.12.20

Greetings Fashion Families from your Principal Daryl Blank.

As you are planning your schedule for the week, please keep in mind that this Wednesday, January 15, we will have our monthly Parents Association meeting at 6:00 pm in Room 821.

This is the last week of the Fall term.  The grades that teachers submit at the end of January are the grades that colleges and universities will see.  Make sure your child finishes the semester strong!

January Regents will take place from Tuesday, January 21 through Friday, January 24.  Check with your child about whether or not they are scheduled to take any exams – Regents exam invitations have been distributed to students.  The largest test administration is with our 11th graders who are taking the English Regents exam.

I wanted to announce that HSFI students and families will now be able to order HSFI FAB t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, shorts and leggings online.  Students can wear this gear for their physical education classes as well as just getting them to wear every day to show off their High School of Fashion Industries’ pride.  Our school’s webstore address is  The way this online ordering will work is that there will be “ordering windows.”  The first ordering window is until January 23 – all orders placed by this date will be delivered to your home by February 12.  If this online ordering system is successful, we plan to have additional ordering windows - this might be the last ordering window until the summer.  Sample sizes are in the FLY school store in Room 123 if your child wants to try on to see what size they want to order.  Students received a physical copy of a flyer about this servicethis past week.  We hope that this online ordering is something that is helpful to the needs of the HSFI community!

The school is considering some changes to our Grading Policy. We discussed these policies at our December Parents Association meeting.  The topics included:
Minimum Grades on Assignments
Attendance at Regents, Career & Technical Education and Advanced Placement Exams
Percentage Breakdown of HSFI Grading Policy
Factoring Regents / Career & Technical Education culminating examinations into a Course’s Final Grade
Minimum Number of Grades within Each Grading Category
Please look over the proposed changes from the email sent to HSFI families and share your feedback on as many of the proposed policy changes as you wish using the link to this Google survey:

It is critically important that all HSFI students check their HSFI email & Jupiter Grades everyday.  We will be sending important information out through these tools – if students do not check them, they will miss out on some valuable opportunities and not know what is going on in the school.

Thank you!

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